Croydon Saffron Central was created from the towns name meaning “Crocus Valley” and an opportunistic request to borrow some land on a demolished building site.

It’s thought that the Romans farmed Saffron here along with Lavender which is well re-established in Sutton.  There’s also a view that Woad was grown on the hill in Waddon or Woad-on.  With the Shirley Poppy discovered & developed from 1880 there’s a rich local heritage of plants which bees love in a world that’s seeing their population decline.

Having started life as a pop up Saffron farm with 20,000 corms potted and harvested for 58 grams of Saffron, Croydon Saffron Central is now a large community managed bee haven in the centre of “Europes largest Town”.  It’s also becoming a space for creativity & tranquility as people “find their inner child” & connect with nature.IMG_5449

Half of the Crocus Sativus plants were shared with community gardens, groups & schools, the other half will reawaken in September 2016.

By this time Croydon Saffron Central’s blooms will be booming!