FREE Croydon Crocuses…!!!

Saturday 14th April 2018 will see our FREE Croydon Crocus giveaway and this will be our community swan song at Croydon Saffron Central in the former Taberner House site. We’re open from 11am – 5pm and all crocuses must go!  There is also some pea shingle available but it’s heavy so come prepared with rubble sacks etc. if you’d like any.

Just to confirm these are Crocus Sativus which flower in the Autumn and produce Saffron if you can get them to flower!!  We will add a care link soon but these do not flower in Spring they flower in the Autumn so don’t get confused with your standard Crocuses.

There has been extraordinary interest on Facebook & Twitter and we’re very excited to meet lots of new people and groups who’d like to take our Crocuses back into the Croydon valleys and beyond.

Our priority has always been towards supporters, community gardens/ groups/ organisations & schools so please don’t be offended if we have to limit what you can take,  especially if it’s for your own garden.

It’s hard to gauge exactly how many people will show up so we’d recommend an earlier arrival to avoid disappointment.  We’d also appreciate some patience when making collections as we’d like to document where Crocuses are going and how many are taken.  We need to ensure people are safe so please do not enter the site without permission from a steward.

A suggestion!! – Most supermarkets seem to be offering up fruit/veg cardboard boxes & trays and we’ve noticed the banana boxes are particularly sturdy & stackable.  If you can bring some with you you will find you can not only shift more trays but stack them in a car without damaging the plants.  11 boxes on my back seat earlier meant nearly 400 plants can be moved in theory.

Just a suggestion but you can’t stack our trays on top of each other without damaging the plants.  Surrey Street Market is a 5 minute walk if you can persuade any traders to give their boxes away BUT MAKE SURE THEY STACK!! 


Stewarding – Those familiar with the farm could potentially aid the day by stewarding and offering guidance to new folk who need help.  Please contact Ally McKinlay at the email option below.


We still have some work to do in moving some items and clearing the rest of our stuff.  If anyone is up for helping with this please ensure you have sturdy footwear, tough clothes, gloves and are willing to get stuck in.  We have to be sorted by Sunday so it’s really important we get things ready to clear.

Huge thanks to everyone for their interests, sharing, tweeting and getting word around.  We’re sad to leave the space but delighted it’s drawn such attention!


In between Croydon Town Hall & Fairfield Halls is The Queens Gardens.

We are in the old Taberner House site but Crocuses are being made available from The Queens Gardens, there is parking on Fell Road & Mint Walk and we are directly south of the old fountain in the middle of The Queens Gardens (marked with a yellow fuzzy box below).

Thank you to Google for making this Map possible & Apple for drawing a yellow box.

Hopefully this all makes sense, it will be very difficult to liaise with mass queries but if you have any please email via


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