Crocus Exodus

Dearest Croydon,

We will be sharing the remaining Crocus Sativus plants with our supporters, community gardens/groups and schools on Saturday 7th April from 11am-5pm.

Croydon Saffron Central was originally created as a pop up Saffron Farm using the Civic Crowdfunding platform Spacehive.

lis watkins csc
Picture by Lis watkins – Line and Wash

After an extended tenure on the former Taberner House site it has gone on to be a double RHS Award winning Community Garden at Level 2 (Improving) & Level 4 (Thriving) for it’s Beehaven & Chasing Rainbows (Croydon Pridefest) summer projects, open twice as part of Open House London and a triple harvesting Saffron Farm as seen on ITV London and heard on BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme.

Picture by Ally McKinlay

With residential development imminent on site it is time for the farm to make way and how better than to share the Crocus Sativus plants around the community group’s of the Crocus Valley?  There are some other items on site which people are welcome to but others that will be retained (the scaffold boards are not available!) as the farm seeks a new space to grow the flower that gave Croydon it’s name.

Flower of Croydon by Ally McKinlay

Croydon Saffron Central is accessible via The Queens Gardens in central Croydon.  It sits in the middle of Croydon Town Hall, Fairfield Halls, Bernard Weatherill House & St Georges House.  There is a modest flag with a bee on it which should be seen if you look towards the blue glass building from the center of The Queens Gardens.


Health & Safety

Please wear sturdy footwear, tough clothing and ideally bring garden gloves. 

All are welcome but children and adults with extra needs must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and supervised closely at all times.

Are you able to offer additional help on the day?  We’d be very grateful!!

Handy tools to bring – Wheel barrows, Claw hammer, charged power drills with Phillips screw head, shovels, gloves…

Handy items to take plants away – carrier bags, the banana boxes that many supermarkets give away will be great for carrying plants as you can stack the boxes without damaging the foliage.  Rubble sacks – we’ve lots of pea shingle!!

CONTACT – Email via this Website or @CroydonSaffronCentral (Facebook) @CroydonSaffron (Twitter) but please be patient for a response!!


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