Rainbow Meditation

Sunday 2nd July 2017 will see our first Rainbow Meditation session which will be led by Ian Bremner.

Croydon Saffron Central is currently building a giant floral Rainbow Flag for the Croydon Pridefest but it’s putting the trowels down on Sunday to take it easy.

Doors will open at 11am with the meditation starting at 11:30am

Croydon Saffron Central has certainly brought much delight to many people but this should prove to be an exceptional occasion with Ian Bremner, who  practices Sahaja Yoga leading the session.

We welcome people to find a comfortable place around the floral rainbow, relax and see where it takes you..

The space consists of either paving or wood chip so a mat, rug or cushion is recommended for comfort.  There are also some tree stumps and hay bails if people would prefer to sit.  Something comfy would certainly be encouraged if you go for a hay bale as they are a bit spikey!

Where are we?

Croydon Saffron Central is located within the former Taberner House site which was demolished 2 years ago.  It’s postcode was CR9 3JS which gets you very close.

Alternatively, the easiest way to explain is:-

The Queens Gardens in Croydon is located between Croydon Town Hall & Fairfield Halls.

If you stand in the middle of The Queens Gardens at the old fountain and look towards the blue glazed building you should see a white flag with a bee & a door on the graffiti covered hoardings.  (Picture below) That’s us!!


Car Parking is expensive in the immediate area as it’s central Croydon, but cheaper 10 minutes walk away.

Nearest train is East Croydon, although West Croydon is probably a brisk 10 minute walk.

On arrival

Please arrive in good time, we’re opening half an hour early at 11am so people can look around, settle in and find a good spot but we will close the door at 11:30am so the meditation can begin. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that late arrivals can’t enter once we’ve started but you can certainly join us after we’ve finished.

After meditation

We’re happy for people to stay for a while and chat to Ian and each other.  We also hope to be displaying some exciting new art work in the space and it’s a great chance to explain about why this pop up farm is in the middle of Croydon!


We very much look forward to meeting those who can make it down and hope we can do something another time for those who can’t on this occasion.


Ally McKinlay

Croydon Saffron Central Founder.


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