The BIG Repot – 2016


Croydon Council have allowed us to extend our stay on the old Taberner House site to allow for a second Saffron harvest this autumn.

We gave away around 8,000 plants in January which means there are over 10,000 still on site.  Having checked a number of pots, it seems the corms have multiplied by around 5 so we may have in the region of 50,000 on site!!

We plan to repot them on Saturday 17th September from 10am-6pm but before this we will need to make some preparations on the site on the previous weekend.

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September – PREPARATION OF CORMS & SITE

  • Weeding out wild plants
  • Separating corms & grading by size
  • Refilling soil sacks
  • Some construction changes to site

Volunteers welcome but it is essential that all are inducted into safety regulations and that this is respected over the weekend.  There will be a certain element of complexity to these tasks so please confirm attendance in advance.

Saturday 17th September – THE BIG REPOT

  • Repotting the corms of Croydon Saffron Central
  • Plant pot donations welcome
  • Water based paints (especially white, red, blue, black & yellow) donations
  • Paint brush donations (all sizes)
  • Wearing marigolds & bringing trowels would be useful

WARNING – Croydon Saffron Central contains 2 beehives so please be aware that there are many bees on site.

Please contact Ally McKinlay for further details via this website.


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