Giving thanks

There are so many people and organisations to thank for the creation of Croydon Saffron Central & Croydon Bee Haven.

MY FAMILY – Camilla, Isak & Bonnie – This is what can happen when you go off on holiday early & leave me home alone to let my imagination run wild!

Croydon Radio – For allowing “Made In Croydon” to start in February 2013 which introduced ‘Crocus watch’ which was the origins of Croydon Saffron Central.

Andrew Dickinson – “How can we make this happen?” was his response to the idea with unwavered support throughout the project.

Simon Bashford – For putting me onto the right people to get things moving fast.

Councillor Paul Scott & Councillor Alison Butler – Swiftly responding to the idea & connecting us with the right people to help make it happen.

James Collier & Dean Myles at Croydon Council  – Extra special thanks for allowing access to a demolished building site in the centre of Croydon.

Spacehive and all our wonderfully generous funders

The Media, particular praise for Liz Shepherd-Jones at the Croydon Citizen and Steven Downes at Inside Croydon.  Also the Croydon Advertiser & Croydon Guardian for running some stories.

Josi Kiss at Friends of Park Hill for more tweets than you could shake a corm at…


Nathan at Gee Tee Bulb Company for a great deal on 5,000 9cm & 5,000 10cm+ Crocus Sativus corms.

Francyn Suermondt at Suttons for sorting us 10,000 8cm Crocus Sativus corms at an incredibly low cost.

To Robin & Carol McKinlay for donating 10 tonnes of the perfect mix of soil through Provender Nurseries who also delivered us 10 tonnes of gravel and a tonne of shingle to support our bridge over troubled demolition site…


Graham Collins at Uprise for bridging the gap between 100m of used scaffold boards and the new ones that we were forced to buy due to the used ones being out of stock!   The new scaffold boards were expertly delivered by Deborah Services Ltd.

Thanks to Quadron & their staff for donating over 15,000 used plant pots & trays.

To be continued…


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