Croh Denu

What would you do if you had access to a demolished building site in the middle of “Europes largest Town”?

Build “The largest Urban pop up Saffron Farm in the World” of course!!

With a heritage link going back to Roman times, the Crocus Sativus bloomed off the North Downs long enough for Anglo Saxons to call the place “Croh Denu” meaning “Crocus Valley”.  With Lavender to west of the Woad grown on the Hill and the discovery of an unusual Poppy in the Shirley Hills, all the ingredients are in Croydon Town to keep the bees sweet.

Backed & supported by hundreds and familiar to thousands, Croydon Saffron Central explores local heritage and links their global impact by promoting the life of plants, bees and creativity.

We are nothing without them all.



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